At what point are we going to stop this nonsense?

Over on the Second Citizen forum, I made this post concerning my perception of the current attitudes in Second Life, the bickering, the name calling, etc. I’m getting tired of it as being the norm of social interaction in Second Life. Here were my thoughts:

EVERY other week it seems I get a message from a friend of mine indicating that there’s some “new drama” going on, with people who have the “best” interests for the community well being against those that are creating, building, or even discussion issues that would “better enhance” the community well being. I quote “best” and “better enhance” mainly because everyone has their own opinions on what is the “best” interests and what really “better enhances” the community well being.

EVERY other week, it seems that drama over some thing – Linden Lab, SLCC, some event, something, turns into a shouting anger filled match of my opinion vs. your opinion. It has gone on so much that insanity that normally isn’t accepted in day to day, real life, is the norm here. And here I mean Second Life, these forums, etc.

There is a DIFFERENCE between having a criticism or opinion, and doing what now happens. Having criticism is saying “wow, I don’t agree with this because of…” or “I like this venture, but I see flaws in it…” or “Yeah, look at the mistakes that were made, I hope they can pick it back up” NOT the current “YOUR FIC! I’M NOT FIC!” or “YOUR SLEEPING WITH THESE PEOPLE TO HOLD YOUR POWER OVER EVERYONE” or “YOUR A RAMBLING **** HEAD BITCH!” or “YOUR ****ING CRAZY!” This is what our means of communication has come to in a world of imagination, creativity, and expression. It seems we have decided to choose the most drama filled, negative ways to express our views, opinions, and thoughts.

It also seems that we feel that its our duty to know every little thing about every little nuance of anything that remotely has the letters SL attached to it. We HAVE to know how Linden Lab works, we have to know exactly how much time they are working on a bug, we have to have an explanation for every new venture, project, media outlet that appears in SL, we have to know that the word Slurpie isn’t in contract violation with Second Life because it contains the letters “SL”, and there’s also pending legislation on it’s use of the word “pie”.

We, us, our, the Second Life community is so quick to hammer at any little improvement, cut open any little flaw, and not understand that people are working on it, that new technology, ideas, ventures don’t happen over night, that all of us, every single resident is not an expert at shit, we’re not even an expert in Second Life, and we all make mistakes.

What happened to civility? What happened to expressing our opinions, thoughts, and criticism regardless of how bad they are, with some dignity? Second Life is supposed to be a better world, a world like the Internet where we communicate with each other, where we can handle things as civilized human people, but, it seems we are hell bent on making accusations, pointing fingers, saying “your wrong, and will always be wrong” and knock everyone down on their ass for a mistake and issue, a topic that gets blown up 100 times bigger than it should be. At what point are we going to stop this nonsense? At what point are we going to learn to disagree (which I do with many things and express to my close friends my disagreements and frustrations, hell I even make some of them public – but I attempt to be humane about it) but not have these disagreements turn into super drama filled holes that waste time? At what point are we going to stop critiquing and looking over every little single minute thing to tear it apart, chop it up into a billion little pieces to find that small little crack which gets turned into an unnecessary fault line.

I know I’m probably talking to the wind, but I ask at what point? And why can’t that point be now?

Second Life’s Popularity on the Decline?

One of the buzzes in the media world happens to be this thing called Second Life. It’s generating as much popularity as the “world wide web” phrase of the 90′s. Increasingly media outlets focus on the negative or “scandalous” nature of Second Life and get things wrong. There are not many media outlets doing a good job in exploring what something like Second Life has to offer. Two things happened this week that made me realize that current media doesn’t quite get Second Life much in the same way they did not understand the Internet when it first arrived. First was this blog post by Ruben over at Millions of Us who discussed the plain wrong facts in comparing Second Life to other services like Zwinky and Stardoll (first why would you even compare Second Life to these services, comparing Second Life to Kaneva, Nintendo Mii’s or even Sony Home is a lot more appropriate). Second was this weeks Sherman Lagoon comic, where the cast enter into the virtual world of Second Life (check out yesterday’s and today’s comic!). Leads me to believe that if Second Life was on the decline, why is it getting so much press?