What next television show enters Second Life? (or Why hasn’t Heroes entered Second Life?)

CSI:NY enters into Second Life in a very interesting way, by bridging television and the virtual world and by creating a real connection with Second Life through the use of mysteries, puzzles and engaging content (solving mysteries, using actual CSI tools, etc). The CSI: NY show (available now on iTunes as well in case you missed it) may have been the first of its kind but in my opinion was the most unexpected show to enter Second Life. I really expected a television show like Heroes to make the virtual splash well before CSI:NY would have, especially with all of the additional web content that Heroes already has, virtualizing it would have been the next step. Using Heroes as an example, I’m going to take their current content and list ways it could extend into the virtual world. Continue reading

Are People Sick of Hearing About Second Life?

For the third time this week, I’ve heard that people are sick about hearing about Second Life. Many of these people are other Web 2.0, IT, and metaverse personalities but it makes me wonder if the statement does carry any weight. Are people legitimately sick of hearing about the advancements in Second Life? Or are they sick of hearing about how Second Life is the virtual world? More importantly are people stating that Second Life is not the best platform to work on? Continue reading

Electrolux Innovation Grant Program

Sometime last night I got a message from Celebrity over at Millions of Us about the Electrolux Innovation Grant Program. This is a great way for a big real world company to enter into Second Life rather than open a sim, sponsor a grant for community driven projects in Second Life. The Electrolux Innovation Grant Program is a the grant is a 100,000 $L grant (roughly $375 USD), paid in three stages, and the Innovation will be owned by the creator (which is nice). Below are the grant details, good luck to all who participate!

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MEDIC!!!! What have I missed?!

I’ve been a long time gamer; I always feel the need to yell out “MEDIC!!!!” really loudly when I get sick or ill. This happened this past week, quite often and the medic came in small little pills called Zircam, Tylenol Cold and Sinus and different variations of tea (with or without Honey). For the past week I’ve either been laid in bed or handling deadlines for work, or a multitude of other projects, and have seen a flurry of excite activity, announcements, projects and interesting news concerning Second Life. Virtual Worlds 2007 Fall happened, OnRez (i.e. The Electric Sheep Company) is releasing their own version of the Second Life client and partners with CSI to solve a mystery; HiPiHi, SceneCaster and Omnicom get involved with Millions of Us; Burning Life is remembered (by video); and IBM talks standardization with Second Life and Kaneva jumps in (Note: yes most of the links are from the Virtual Worlds News site – seemed appropriate as most of these things were announced at the Virtual Worlds Fall Conference.) It looks as if things are going to get very interesting in the virtual world sector of things. There’s a lot of activity, big and small names involved, oh yeah and much needed platform improvements coming down the pipeline.

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