CBS FINALLY Gets Second Life Coverage Right

CBS News has gotten to covering some of the other important stories in Second Life, how it changes people’s lives. There seems to have been a recent turn in the attention that Second Life has received from the “real” media. At first it was all about sex, theft, and more sex, but finally CBS has covered one of the major important stories about Second Life, how it changes people’s lives who have disabilities. Continue reading

Second Life is… BEAUTIFUL!!!


One MAJOR knock on Second Life has been that it doesn’t look good compared to other MMO’s. Some of the reason is based on the texturing skills of skin makers, builders, fashion designers, and other content creators. Another reason is the sky looks dead!

Take a look at the picture above, and realize that this is not Photoshopped, or edited in any way. It was simply taken from Second Life using the new Windlight First Look viewer (which I hope does not get taken away like last time!) The improvements in the past few days are massive, a better search, Windlight, Havok 5 coming along the way and to be honest that’s ONLY the tip of the iceberg when you talk about what is expected to come to Second Life. MONO, Third Party Viewers, GUI changes to the current viewer (maybe even skinning), it all adds up to one thing, contrary to popular belief, Second Life IS Beautiful! If you need any proof, just look at the picture above.

Ridebuilder’s Challenge

A good friend In Kenzo sent me information (and a pretty nifty object) about a cool new challenge called the “Ridebuilders Challenge.” This Toyshoppe/AMO Design Challenge in partnership with Car Lovers Community is awarding winnters a shared pot of $L 50k for submitting your best vhehicle. The prize breakdown are:

  • 1st Prize: L$25000, Ridebuilders Cup, Vehicle featured in the Car Lovers community rides and Ridebuilders Winners Circle
  • 2nd Prize: L$10000 and vehicle featured in the Ridebuilders Winners Circle
  • 3rd Prize: L$5000 and vehicle featured in Ridebuilders Winners Circle
  • 4th and 5th prize winners: L$2500

Here’s the rest of the information Continue reading

Second Life Community Convention ’08

Randal Moss posted, earlier today, the location of the upcoming Second Life Community Convention on the current SLCC website. This year it’s going to take place the weekend of September 4th, 2007 at the Tampa Marriott Waterside (read there for a full explanation). Right now there are several things in the works and should be announced soon (such as sponsorship packages, exact registration and room pricing, just to name a few.) Check the website (over at for upcoming information!