Is Second Life Improving?

“Do you think that Second Life Getting better?” This was the survey question that I was asked last night through the Second Life with a simple “Yes/No” and a place for me to write my own comments. It is a question I’ve been asking myself of late, is Second Life improving? I feel in order to properly answer this question you have to take a look at three components that make up Second Life separately to come to a final conclusion. These components are: the platform, the service, the community. Continue reading

AOL and Pontiac Leave Second Life, and it scares me!

With the recent news of AOL (see Reuters) leaving Second Life for other virtual worlds and Pontiac (see their Motorati Life blog) leaving Second Life period, a sense of fear creeps over me and begs me to ask two questions: Which other companies are thinking about leaving Second Life? How many companies are going to attempt Second Life now with the news of these departures? Continue reading

Moving to OnRez (and why)

This week I’ve closed my store on SL Exchange and have moved solely to OnRez. There are many factors in doing this; one of them is not my working relationship with the Electric Sheep Company. Since the launch of OnRez I have played with the solution for some time, while it does lack some features, it does provide an easier, flexible solution for selling products within and outside of Second Life. Continue reading

Linden Lab Kicks Off The Fourth Annual Second Life Winter Festival

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the holiday season, and again Linden Lab have launched the Fourth Annual Second Life Winter Festival starting with the a grid wide snowball fight, and resident submitted events that will occur from December 14th, 2007 to January 4th, 2008. What is cool about this sort of event is that it provides DJ’s, clubs, and musicians to hold great events that fit into the holiday spirit but there’s the added PR incentive that are usually posted separate from the official event list.

Over at the studio, we’re working on running the ’07 version of Holidaypalooza – which is a multi-dj event with a ton of gifts, prizes, and people involved (more details once there are, more… details!) This is a great time of the year to be festive!