Second Skin Trailier Released!

Second Skin is a documentary about people and the virtual worlds they are in. After two years of working, the guys over at Pure West Documentaries have finished the film and released the trailer. The documentary explores the worlds of Warcraft, Second Life and Everquest (just to name a few.) Currently the guys are in the final round for SXSW (on Feb 5th we will all know if it made the cut.)

For more information about the Documentary, visit or if you if you’d like an exclusive or an interview, contact the producer at

ps. I’m the guy waiting for the train :-D

Anarchy Online Updates it’s Engine (FINALLY)

If you follow my history, I started DJing in an MMORPG called “Anarchy Online.” It appealed to me over the other MMO’s because of its genre; it was the only other Sci-Fi MMO available at the time. I actually stumbled into DJing because I was unaware of the community based radio station in the game. As time moved on, so did I, including cancelling my account. I felt that Anarchy Online had become a very stagnant game. While more quests and content were being added there were things that the community, has requested for many years, that were not added. One of these things were social clothing (recently added), another was an upgrade to the engine. Having talked to some FunCom representatives at the Dragoncon’s I’ve attended, I’ve gotten two responses. The first was that an engine update was in the works, the second was that upgrading the system and the engine would be a bit of an overburden and would not be feasible. Continue reading

Managing your “Alt”

A good friend of mine Heleno Nishi has admitted that she has an alternative avatar/character (or simply alt). I do as well; actually I have several of them. The topic of alts is quite fascinating and can also become a quite tempered discussion. Dusan Writer explores many of the ideas about alts in a recent post (and there is a nice comment as to the con of alts from Prokofy Neva, which seems to sum her feelings about alting) but I feel that we’re really not delving into the real core of alting. Creating an alt is really defining a new role for a person; take a look at the reason to create an alt in World of Warcraft. In WoW, I have several rouges, a warrior, and a ranger, each alt is different, each one does different things, and in the guilds I’m in, each alt performs different roles. Having an alt creates a different role for that person; much in the same way in the non-digital real world we have different roles. Continue reading

Second Skin – A Documentary About People Whose Lives Have Been Transformed by Virtual Worlds


originally uploaded by purewestdocs.

Every so often I’ve mentioned that I’m in an upcoming documentary titled “Second Skin.” Throughout this process I’ve become really great friends with the makers of the film, Pure West Documentaries. Over the past two years, I’ve helped feed them information about Second Life, World of Warcraft, and other MMOG’s and Virtual Worlds. I’ve slept in their apartment, met their girlfriends (now fiancés), helped them move, have had drinks with them, karaoke’s and talked to them about the film without ever being shown a clip.

The wait, is over, I’ve just received an e-mail from Victor that the trailer is coming on January 29th, 2008 (a week from today). Continue reading

Scion City (update)

Nexeus Fatale Loft @ Scion City
Some time ago, Millions of Us offered me a loft on the Scion City sim, the same location where I performed their opening party. After being very undecided about the space, I decided to turn the space into my own loft. Rather than make it a store front, I wanted to make it a place where I could hang out, thrown some parties and have fun decorating. A few months later, everything is completely finished, the Nexeus Fatale Loft in Scion City is complete and I’m planning on doing an event on the sim soontm. But that’s not the only interesting Scion City news. Continue reading

Red Tuesday

If the market crash if 1987 was called Black Monday, the removal of virtual banking institutions in Second Life should be called Red Tuesday. Unlike Black Monday, Linden Lab’s recent decision to cut many banking operations that offer a return on an investment in Lindens (or any currency) is a very good thing. When Ginko first arrived in Second Life, something seemed a bit awry, but many people, much like myself, tried it out (I never put much, maybe 1k or so just to test out the service.) The novelty of banking in Second Life or rather, received a profit on the Linden without having to do much work, is a great novelty, even though Ginko crashed (and burned), there was hope that the stock exchanges would pick up the slack. There are two key problems in finance in Second Life that exist, and are its downfall. The first is there no guarantee from Linden Lab that any money you invest is safe (or any guarantee from anyone for that matter), and the second is that money is being handed to strangers for them to do whatever they wish with it. Continue reading

My Hopes for 2008 and Virtual Worlds

It is very tempting to predict what I think will happen in the upcoming year of Virtual Worlds in general. Everyone does it, some people say the same thing other people have conflicting opinions. The fact of the matter is that no one person really knows, everyone, regardless of how educated or how respect they are in the industry, are making their best educated guesses. Rather than repeat the entire looking into the magic ball, as I’ve done last year, I rather mix it up and rather than just predict but also wish. These are the things I hope will happen in 2008, and why I think they should: Continue reading

The Top Virtual Issues of 2007

With 2007 at a close, I felt it was best to wait until the New Year to reflect on ’07 virtually. Three days pass and well, it is time to start reflecting on the past year. Virtual Worlds, primarily Second Life and World of Warcraft, has grown tremendously since 2007 and many of the previous predictions from last year are still very valid for the upcoming year (so much so that Massively reported them up as my 2008 predictions!) Let’s get started with some highlights of 2007 in review: Continue reading