Second Life’s Security Problem

Yesterday it was announced through the Second Life Blog that their database was compromised. This database only contained information about the account holder, such as name, address, and their password. Linden Lab has then decided to force everyone to get a new password, even making the option to reset the password easier. While many are upset about this action, I have to say that these things do happen, sometimes there is no possible way around them. Security breaches occur, passwords are stolen, game sites and companies get attached. While Linden Lab now has to figure out how to ensure this doesn’t happen again, users have to ensure that they have a better password to use. If you need help or a guide, here’s one from on how to toughen up your passwords, and another (but older article) on the same subject. Regardless of the issue, make sure that you have a strong password, and a good place to store them.

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