Blurring the Tax Lines

H&R Block RepresentativeThe lines between the virtual world and the real world continue to blur on a daily basis. Today they even more blurry with the filing for taxes drawing near. One of the most surrealist, yet most rewarding experience happened today, I got real tax help from a real tax adviser from while in Second Life.

Taxes are just way too complicated to begin with, and while the Internet has brought upon e-filing programs, sometimes you need that extra last minute help from someone who understands. Now while it may be easy to get the same tax help from a chat room set up by tax professionals, there’s something about being in an actual office space and asking a person a question. Now while I may be jaded because I’ve filed my taxes through H&R Block online, and recently performed an event for them, this experience of asking a tax professional at the HR Block Sim while DJ BCreative Wilde was spinning tunes was well beyond surreal. Not only was the advice really good advice, and helpful, but the representative is what you expect out of customer service.
With a service like this (which H&R Block does on Tuesday and Thursday 5 to 6pm PDT), you begin to see where the lines for customer service help begins to blur. Rather than having to go to your local store or deal with a chat room, customer service could begin to make a splash in virtual worlds, where your dealing with a person and they could use props to better illustrate their point like copies of tax forms, examples of where and what to fill out. While disagreement exist on the impacts of clothing or shopping would be… I think that the virtual world benefits more from the service industry. Tax help, minor technical help, even at home cable installation could really benefit from the tools within Second Life. It is definitely becoming less of a game now.

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