How personal is your personal digital space?

It seems that the space between two avatars is slowly closing. Things in Second Life seem beyond the point of “control”, as in the world is becoming a controlled chaos. This isn’t a bad thing. In Second Life, you have the chance of meeting any particular person from any background on any day in any location. With the option of meeting a vast number of friends in a very short period of time, the ability of your friends mapping you and teleporting to you, or having them see you online, the question that is posed time and time again is how personal one’s digital space is.
Lately, even I have had to re-evaluate my calling cards because I felt certain pressures such as: having too many calling cards, being IMed by (seemingly) everyone in Second Life, all of the time, responding to everyone demand, even being mapped a few times by customers, friends, and acquaintances when least expected. Even my home location, a personal house that I’ve built, seems to get plenty of visitors during the week. All of this leads me to ask, how personal is the space I’ve created for myself, that was meant to be a personal space?
This article made me realize that I’m not the only one asking this question. Even in our virtual world of Second Life, we all want and need some personal space. How to achieve that personal space is the other question. Some techniques have worked, such as placing a platform or room 500m in the sky, outside of normal flying and viewing range. Yet even then that can be compromised. In a recent patch, the ban option was changed to provide better enforcement, but still does not resolve other potential space infringing issues. You can also become stricter about who you give your calling cards out to, again one doesn’t need a calling card to be found.
To answer the question, “how personal is your personal digital space?” the answer is not very. With all of these tools, it is very hard to “hide” for a specific period of time while in Second Life. Like in real life, the creation of a personal space is by making a very clear definition of what your personal space is, and it has to be made clear to others what that personal space includes. Some may be offended, hurt, or consider you a five letter word that starts with the letter “B”, there is a reason personal space is not called everyone space, virtually or not.

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