91 years old

I met a 91 year old man today in Second Life, and it was a first for me. I’ve never met anyone above the age of 65, maybe 70, but 91? Typing, being coherent, interacting in the virtual world – that is something new to me. The elderly are often seen as frail and unattached to technology, but as I was talking to him, I began to realize that maybe here lies the power of Second Life, and many of the virtual worlds of its nature. The ability to open a world of “cool” stuff to a generation that is typically depicted as having lost it, or being so behind the curve is a very powerful statement. It puts into prospective the sort of melting pot that Second Life becomes, we’re not just talking anymore about ethnicity, culture, and religious differences, but also we are also getting into a melting pot of those in different age groups, different generations, the baby boomer’s mixing with the gen-y, in the same space without coming across the stigmas that happen when meeting face to face.
Without all of the downtime, the crashes, the griefing and drama, there really is a better world to be had.. just not the one we expect.

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