Second Life Community Convention 2007 Afterthoughts

I’ve returned from Chicago and somewhat conscious from the awesome SLCC in Chicago this year! I have never had this much fun and excitement organizing, performing, hosting, and enjoying a convention such as this one! The SLCC is a labor of love and community for me, and I’ve been very happy to be a part of the process in making it a reality. While the conference is young it is growing and feedback is HIGHLY recommended, Randal Moss has created a post where you can provide feedback about the convention, your own thoughts, and even suggestions!

There were so many great moments from this year’s convention, from the opening remarks of Phillip Linden being honest and apologizing to the community for the troubles that were abound, to the announcement of the Open Source winners in the Social Track, to the discussion about Sex in Virtual Worlds, to the premiere of new machinima, to a great, freaky and fun masquerade, to a kick ass volunteer party and open bar in Kitty O’Sheas! This was a great convention and a great time to meet new and interesting people!

I wish I could say each moment that took me by surprise, but I can’t pick just one, so much was going on it was almost impossible to keep up with it. There were people who’ve I’ve met in Second Life and not in person until the SLCC (and vice versa). I will say that a lot of friendships has been renewed and formed and there will be plenty more to come. I would highly encourage people to share their memories on Flickr through the Second Life Community Convention group by posting your pictures and commenting on the already posted pictures. Now to get ready for 2008!

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