Second Marriage

Engagement at SLCC 2007 KISS

Many people get engaged at a place where the memory will last throughout their marriage, a favorite place, a special event, a surprise dinner, something that would make the engagement special. When dealing with two people who have met through Second Life, there are so many special moments that even the day two people meet face to face is a special important moment. But this is not uncommon for those who meet other people online. Let me introduce to you Chelle and Joe. Chelle is a beautiful, fun woman (who I did spend quite a bit of time flirting playfully with, sorry Joe!), a DJ in Second Life, and was a team leader for the Relay for Life. Her boyfriend, Joe, she met in Second Life. Joe is a secure, friendly, honest guy who wants to stand by his woman (cue song!) and really wanted to make the proposal even more special (or specialer if that is a word!).

The picture is above is after Joe came to me, asking to propose to her towards the end of my set, something I’m used to in Second Life and in Virtual Worlds but NEVER in the real, outside of the computer world. With a full room watching and his nerves going crazy, he asked her the question he has wanted to ask all throughout the convention and it was a beautiful sight to be seen.

While there are many stories that could be told throughout the SLCC, THIS one was the most interesting, rewarding, and fun. Chelle and Joe’s engagement during the Masqurade was not only special but really put on display the possibilities that Second Life holds for those who engage into it. You can meet friends, make meaningful connections, perform jobs that you may never have thought of doing, or plan your next weeding day.

Congratulations to Chelle and Joe, you two look perfect together and remember to send a wedding invite my way!

3 thoughts on “Second Marriage

  1. Aww Nex that is so sweet of you!! Thank you so much for making it a night, and weekend to remember! We are so happy that our SL family was there to share it with us. We’re even kicking around the idea of having the wedding during SLCC next year, so many people want to come! We’ll let you know :)

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