CBS FINALLY Gets Second Life Coverage Right

CBS News has gotten to covering some of the other important stories in Second Life, how it changes people’s lives. There seems to have been a recent turn in the attention that Second Life has received from the “real” media. At first it was all about sex, theft, and more sex, but finally CBS has covered one of the major important stories about Second Life, how it changes people’s lives who have disabilities.

One of the people featured in this piece is a long time friend of mine, the second person I’ve met in Second Life and my SL Mother, Baccara Rhodes. While Baccara does downplay her fame and popularity in Second Life, many of the older residents know better (who can forget Wonderland?) I have met many people with many disabilities through many virtual worlds and MMO’s, some of them I consider really good friends. As the piece shows, Second Life has the potential to really heal and improve on the interaction between two people, ESPECIALLY those who are not able to interact or do the things they love in the real world. Virtual worlds and they way they change and allow people to interact hits very close to home for me, if virtual worlds did not exist, I would not be the person I am today.

To “mom” and those who have really made Second Life a place where they can continue their dreams outside of whatever setbacks have fallen onto them… keep on shining your bright stars, you are the real story!

ps. On the side note (and I REALLY hate to make this comment, but it has been one that I’ve seen one thing that a lot of people have been slightly annoyed about) about is the mention that the reporter is the “First Reporter in Second Life”, she is not (I don’t know who is to be honest – I would guess it would be Adam and Eric Reuters… but I could be wrong). The bigger point is, stop trying to claim to be the first of anything in Second Life – that time has passed – and honestly being the first of anything in SL hasn’t helped at all!

3 thoughts on “CBS FINALLY Gets Second Life Coverage Right

  1. Yeah, I watched that segment this morning. The report while good, did as with you, got to me.

    I don’t know either of those two people, but I know many like them.

  2. The CBC did a report on SL back in August; I rezzed for the 1st the next day. The reporter, Adrienne Arsenault, had a 1st class Avie made that looked exactly like her. Forget what name she uses…or used; Arsenault’s way too busy to muck about in SL like we do.

  3. Yeah but I think what people are the most in arms about is this need to claim “FIRST!” Kinda useless in my opinion – state what your doing, rather than “Ohhh I was the first” “No I was the first” meh, yahoo was the first search engine, google KICKED its ass.

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