Scion City (update)

Nexeus Fatale Loft @ Scion City
Some time ago, Millions of Us offered me a loft on the Scion City sim, the same location where I performed their opening party. After being very undecided about the space, I decided to turn the space into my own loft. Rather than make it a store front, I wanted to make it a place where I could hang out, thrown some parties and have fun decorating. A few months later, everything is completely finished, the Nexeus Fatale Loft in Scion City is complete and I’m planning on doing an event on the sim soontm. But that’s not the only interesting Scion City news.

What is Scion City is a cool machinima series that takes place in “the future” where Scion City is buried underneath a bunch of sand. This macrosite (thank you Adam for this word) is a pretty cool portal to the Scion City brand and just a great extension and has a lot of potential value. While the story is very Sci-Fi (think Transformers) the concept is a cool one, and branches out to other social networks. While, this clearly is not a first, it is a pretty cool way to embrace a virtual brand and to expand it beyond just the virtual in Second Life components and to create a sense of community based around a story or series of stories.

Additional note: I really like this picture that they used and implemented in the storyline, mainly for the use of the letters FIC.

FIC Mothership

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