Second Life gets hammered… again!

As mentioned earlier, sundays for Second Life are bugged. Another Sunday passes, another round of attacks happen on the grid causing for the lindens to work overtime in solving this mess (and plenty of blog postings from Jeska who is working overtime). Essentially, here is the breakdown, the trouble started at 11:35am and at the time of this posting Second Life is still down for maintenance.

At this time of development in Second Life, there is a flourishing community, economy, and aspects of this virtual world that become destroyed by these attacks and exploits. In some way one can think of this as a war between those releasing the attacks and the Lindens with residents of Second Life get caught in the middle, interrupting content creation, entertainment and planned events, and project development. As much as Second Life is not a stable platform and it can be claimed as such, it is a new platform and most new platforms are never 100% stable. This is not an excuse of any sort, but it is not LL’s fault that these attacks continue to hammer the grid servers the way they do. if anything the only thing these grid attacks do is hurt the stability of Second Life, and also make the world less productive stunting the growth, development, and increasing the frustration of things not previously looked at by Linden Labs.

What distresses me is that it seems as if the attackers can easily reappear on unverified accounts and start this sort of chaos again. Although this point is un-documented and hearsay, it brings into question which policies and practices cause Second Life to be more vulnerable to these sorts of attacks.

If there is any upside to these attacks, it is that we are forced to step away from our computers, and enjoy some sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Second Life gets hammered… again!

  1. This platform is not new. Well yes it is. Each week it is essentially a brand new program but I digress. It is not a new platform. I myself have been in Secondlife since early 2004 and I know people that have been in SL easilly twice as long as me. It USED to be stable. It USED to be reliable. Griefer attacks, while still there were generally WTF’s? as opposed to the recent. “Well this is not surprising” variety. Seems to me that our most honorable benefactors LL just honestly don’t give a rats ass anymore. It’s no longer A world of Residents. I’m sure LL is getting it’s cash from elsewhere nowadays and the Resident payments are just a new boat or some nice landscaping on the house that is “otherwise” now funded. Just my thoughts.

  2. Amy, I would agree with you entirely – it’s not brand spanking new, but it is still new regardless in the way that it works, an the continued upgrades that were spoken about to help become scaleable. Personally I think up until sometime last year it was still a “will this work” type thing, much like the internet was before it became commercial. Second Life is headed much in the same direction (imo), only because it is looked upon as the “new” internet. Once again just thoughts, which are well welcomed here!

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