Anarchy Online Updates it’s Engine (FINALLY)

If you follow my history, I started DJing in an MMORPG called “Anarchy Online.” It appealed to me over the other MMO’s because of its genre; it was the only other Sci-Fi MMO available at the time. I actually stumbled into DJing because I was unaware of the community based radio station in the game. As time moved on, so did I, including cancelling my account. I felt that Anarchy Online had become a very stagnant game. While more quests and content were being added there were things that the community, has requested for many years, that were not added. One of these things were social clothing (recently added), another was an upgrade to the engine. Having talked to some FunCom representatives at the Dragoncon’s I’ve attended, I’ve gotten two responses. The first was that an engine update was in the works, the second was that upgrading the system and the engine would be a bit of an overburden and would not be feasible.

I’m quite sure the full upgrade of the engine, not just the addition of high-rez textures or the rendering engine has been a major discussion for years. I’m happy that FunCom has finally made the decision to upgrade its system, a topic that was brought up and announced several years ago and is finally coming to fruition. Anarchy Online has needed an engine upgrade for a VERY long time. The game still, today, looks outdated. The MMO is a very interesting one with a rich background, and while I haven’t entered the game for a year plus, I have kept tabs on the game.

In the recent years, I’ve turned from fan to critic of Anarchy Online, for several reasons. I felt that while AO has had an advantage over many other MMO’s, it’s been plagued with mistakes and problems (release mistakes, technical problems with Shadowlands, the separation of the community with the release of Shadowlands). The stagnation of the game caused me to really re-evaluate my dedication to it. While I like those whom I met at FunCom and I still have a friends in the AO community space, the engine update is a much needed, long overdue upgrade. It is one that I’m glad has finally happened.

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