Intel Sunflower in the Second Life world reaches 14k!

SL Sunflowers March 12th, 2008_001

I went over to plant sunflowers at the Intel Sunflower Field in Second Life (details here, here, here, and my thoughts here) and was shocked!  In just over a week, Intel has had 14,570+  Sunflowers planted in the virtual world.  Let me repeat that because it bears repeating.  Intel has gotten the attention of roughly 162 avatars a day planting roughly 1618 sunflowers per day in the past 9 days (my math may be off).  This also means that the goal of the campaign was not only reached but may double in two weeks.  For those whom believe that Second Life is Not Useful for Marketing this campaign is proving otherwise.  All I can say is… wow!  I wonder if Intel is just as surprised by the promotion (and what their response is.)

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