Linden Lab Releases Havok 4

The Virtual Endless Horizon

If you ever wanted to start a fight in Second Life, just mention the word Havok.  Second Life was built on the ancient Havok 1 engine, which is responsible for all things physical and sim related such as objects, moving objects, cars, planes, the amount of avatars available on a sim, and sim stability.  The best analogy I can think to describe Second Life running on the Havok 1 engine is imagine being in a corporate environment where everyone is still using Windows 3.11.  It worked, but it was very old and outdated.  Linden Lab has been working on some time on implementing a new Havok engine, Havok 4 which has been released by today.

Havok 4 has long been discussed, beta tested, crashed, and beta tested again.  In some conversations I’ve had with a few Lindens about Havok 4 they are really excited, not about the implementation but also it’s potential.  Havok 4 really means that Second Life will be more stable, sims or areas in Second Life, will be able to handle physics better.  You also have to think that Havok 4 is only the beginning; their current implementations of the engine are for stability, but imagine if Linden Lab really pushed the Havok 4 engine.  This could mean more avatars on a sim? Possibly more objects on a sim? Better sim crossings?  It seems that a very interesting implementation is already in the works, Avatar Puppeteering.

Havok 4 is the first is many improvements to Second Life, Windlight, Mono, HTML (Web) on a Prim are all in testing and some seem very close to full public release.

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