The Daily Show: Avatar Heroes

Last week there was a congressional hearing on “Online Virtual Worlds: Applications and Avatars in a User-Generated Medium.”, the four people whom testified at the hearing included Phillip Rosedale, Susan Trenby, Dr. Larry Johnson, and Colin J. Parris.  While this bit of news, isn’t new, the Daily Show’s take is which points out a few things from the clip.

First, Second Life isn’t a game.  This is something that many people who have become very involved in Second Life have to explain, quite often.  There isn’t an end goal, or quests, you can do just about what you want.

Second, speaks to the comment by Rep. Jane Harman and Democrat from California who states that it suspected that Islamic Militants are using Second Life for recruiting and mimicking real life terrorism.  You HAVE GOT to be kidding me!  It’s bad enough that there is a hysteria about video games and violence (as it relates to suburban American kids shooting up schools), add that with the already hysteria about terrorism which I’m sure had lead to the warning about terrorists in World of Warcraft, NOW there’s terrorists in Second Life!  What’s next?!  Hello Kitty Online is the new breeding ground for terrorists?  I’m not going to doubt the possibility, anything is possible, but is it likely, I doubt it.  The technical capacities required to build, operate and run such an operation in Second Life are very resource heavy.

Third, Susan Tenby has become a star!  Although I’m quite sure this wasn’t the way she wanted to do it.  Susan is a good friend and John makes a funny about her.  Susan got a “Damn you, Tenby!”  I wonder what would be Susan’s response?

Fourth, John, that is not Second Life.  I know I’m being a stickler, much in the same way people complain about holding the iPhone upside down in an television episode, but hey, get it right!  Rob Riggle reports from “within” Second Life.  Yeah, no.  It does look a lot like the opensim project, but even then I highly doubt it.  I’m quite sure it was less expensive for someone to head into poser and create that little skit.

While the Daily Show is comedy and meant to be humorous (and it was), it still reflects a few perceptions from others about Second Life.  Some are more incorrect about others.

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