Does the Second Life 1.20 RC Break Content?

AH! (World Ending)

I received a message from a good friend of mine last night about the new 1.20 Release Client, and how it breaks scripted content.  The concern is that the 1.20 Release Client interrupts the Combat:Samurai Island (or C:SI) dash system due to the new implementation running; you can now run by using a “double-taping” (which really not a double tap motion as described later.)  I always have my ears perked when a Linden Lab does something different to affect content (such as Havok 4), but I also wanted to accurately report the issue because of my affiliation to Samurai Island. Also, as a content creator, and a scripter, its nice to know what changes.  Last night I tested the new run function to see if it works (and it does) and today, I bought the Musashi Eternal V4.1 (a part of the C:SI combat system) to see if the dash feature is really broken.  I’ve concluded that the new dash feature is NOT broken.

The major reason the C:SI dash function is not broken is because the new run implementation is not a double tap.  In order to run in the new release client, you have to tap and then hold down on the second time (so your key motion is tap, tap-hold), which is very different from the C:SI dash function (which is a tap, tap key motion.)  If anything, the C:SI dash function breaks the new run implementation (you’ll dash first and then begin to run.)

I’m always weary when reports of a new viewer breaks content and it seems that the new double tap motion does break a few other dashing scripts (I have not tested them at this moment.)  Now, this could be that the item I’m using, the Musashi Eternal V4.1, is scripted differently, thus it still works.  While the C:SI dash does not seem broken, the issue does bring up several good suggestions, such as allowing great access to other key controls or implementing complete key-mapping of the UI, both things that wouldn’t be used by the average user but will lend more flexibility to Second Life.

As for the 1.20 Release Client, I particularly like it, it seems a lot blockier than the previous client, but the dazzle interface is nice (I hope it lends for custom skinning in the future), some of the annoying pop-ups and checks to make it run faster have been implemented, and there’s better joystick support (which could mean that you could plug in your PlayStation or X-Box controller.)  Oh and content, doesn’t seem to be broke :-D .

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