Wait, you’re masturbating pixelated porn and I can’t join?

Possibly one of the best quotes from last nights impromptu metaverse meet up hosted by SNOOPYbrown Zamboni (also known as Jerry I must say that the event was quite interesting, fun and worthwhile, as different people all from different walks of a digital life were able to talk about all sorts of projects, ideas, and even thoughts that ranged from both those of the metaverse to those of real life.I think the most interesting aspect of the adventures that evening had to be visiting the Sheep locale in Brooklyn (gawd I wish I had pictures), that had little sheep, wires, and even two computers under the sink! it was also a pleasure to meet the couple who are featured in the film Four Eyed Monsters who are planning a release in Second Life very soon.

The first thing that threw me off was, i was very unaware of how many residents lived in New York City, yet alone Brooklyn, only because of previous experience with smaller MMO markets where the people I met were always in different locations. Granted, I knew there was more of a density of people in Brooklyn and NYC having met more and more people through the SLCC and other metaverse related meet-ups, but to gather a small group of 15 people on a random Friday night, now that’s a major feat! There’s also has to be some sort of logic that you are bound to meet someone who lives close to you, now that the digital world population of Second Life has hit the 1 million resident threshold (regardless of the fact that 20% of these people are alts, that is still a significant number of people).

Many of these stories and many of the real world experiences that were had last night, I feel, were just as similar to having met up with the same people in Second Life. There came one point that the meet-up felt less like a group of academics or residents who are doing something interesting in Second Life or thinking about doing something interesting in Second Life, and more concentrated on people talking, making connections and stringing out digital lives to our real lives. Interesting stuff!

(Note: to make sense of the title you may want to hear the background of it. One of the stories last night was that a person was wondering around in Second Life and “breaking” into people’s homes, so to speak. he came across this sex lair with animated porn clips in Second Life. Nothing new, but the quality of these clips are not good at all, as they resemble porn shown but with huge pixel blocks. Having returned to this place for a second visit, he realized that it was locked up, and when trying to get in, was messaged “You can’t come in!”. And thus the thought of masturbating to very low quality porn in Second Life and not wanting company became the focus of his question… I think we all agreed it was better to visit a site than to watch the low quality version in Second Life, alone.)

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