Metaverse.TV’s MBC Openspace Roundtable Discussion

Although I consider the introduction of Linden Lab’s Homestead product a resolution to the Openspace Sim controversy, the reactions around the community seem to be split. Some people (including CodeBastard) disagree with my thoughts (and have slapped me), the consensus throughout the community is the introduction of the new product and changes is a reasonable compromise between the community wishes and Linden Labs needs.  Two days before the announcement of Homesteads, hosts Dousa Dragonash and Dietrich Finesmith of MBC invited BNT CEO Intlibber Brautigan and I for a round table discussion of the Openspace issues.

While some of the topics raised here are irrelevant, there are some that remain very relevant and I feel hold true and will continue to remain relevant to the future as hardware specifications and limits are completely defined.

4 thoughts on “Metaverse.TV’s MBC Openspace Roundtable Discussion

  1. “the consensus throughout the community is the introduction of the new product and changes is a reasonable compromise”

    Do you know what the word consensus means?

  2. They’re renaming the current product and raising the price anyway, just staggered a bit, and with more limitations. Eventual cost: The same as they said they were going to charge originally.

    They’re using the old name on a product with less than half of the capability of the ORIGINAL version of the product, and even more limitations.

    This is compromise?

  3. With all due respect, Nexeus, you are way too cool to become another LL PR Flackmonkey. No, the public has not agreed it is a reasonable compromise because there was no compromise, there was just a more elaborate bait and switch announced. C’mon, you don’t think we’re that stupid, do you?

    As an officer of +SOS+, the primary protest group, I can say that none of our membership have accepted this as anything but another snowjob. Our membership remains strong and united. OUR consensus is that any rate hike that is blamed on grid load is a fraud unless it includes a tier hike on the mainland, which is the true load on the grid. It is clear that the lab has no respect for the residents, in thinking we’d buy any of these excuses. Zee’s own admissions on the sl forums have proven it (hat tip to Zee, apparently the only “smart, intelligent, creative” person left at the lab).

    We have launched a legal fund on ACE: . SOS is now incorporated in Iowa as a nonprofit, and we are raising 10k USD to pursue our legal options as a class-action. We have already raised over 1300 USD. Linden Lab can propose a real compromise, or they can face an injunction come Jan 1.

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