Kirstens Viewer Meets It’s Hype

I’m usually weary of a viewer that claims to be better than then Linden Lab’s. Alternative viewers usually claim improvements but seem to be very similar versions of the official Second Lifeā„¢ viewer. However, when Hamlet drools over something it’s worth taking a look at, in this case it was Kirstenlee Cinquetti’s new Second Life Viewer dubbed "Kirstens Viewer". After a solid weeks use, Kirstens Viewer boasts significant improvements and features, making it a worthwhile alternative.

I was first impressed by Kirstens Viewer’s speed, it uses less resources, loads very quickly, and displays textures quicker. It is not as resource intensive as the official viewer and and can run on older computer equipment (such as my machine). Kirstens Viewer also boasts a new UI, which I’m not at all crazy about, and much clearer fonts. There are several interesting features of Kirstens Viewier, one being an integrated avatar scanner which would replace many in world HUD versions. The avatar scanner allows you to see any avatar within 500m, display their name and profile, and allows for teleportation and communication. Another neat feature is an Asset Browser which displays thumbnails of textures in your inventory. This replaces another popular in-world tool, texture managers.

Kirstens Viewer is the lightest viewer I’ve use. Although Linden Lab’s recent Release Candidate has many improvements and loads textures quicker than it’s counterpart, Kirstens Viewer is faster and a huge improvement over the official viewer. It should be considered as a viable alternative.

You can download the recent version of Kirstens Viewier for PC. Or view her FTP directory for Linux and Mac versions.

8 thoughts on “Kirstens Viewer Meets It’s Hype

  1. Thanks for the post Nexeus. I’ve been using Kirstens Viewer for the past week and a half and really enjoy it. I was not even aware of the avatar scanner nor the asset manager – was too busy goofing off I guess. Appreciate your pointing those features out.

    I did notice that one of the menus has a selection called, “Enable Skype.” I’ve clicked it seemingly to no result. I wonder if Kirsten is privy to some future plans for LL to buy Skype.

    Crap Mariner mentioned such a scenario in a twitter tweet but I thought he was making it up.

    Any info or thoughts on the “Enable Skype.”

  2. Great Nexeus. Thanks to your post we are trying the Kirten Viewer over here. I do a texture intensive show. Hundreds of textures are preloaded on my land. The textures came up in seconds flat. Totally amazing!



  3. Sigh, and thats that. seems her sites down and she’s listed as ‘retired’, and all reference to the viewer are pulled from the SL wiki… RIP Kirstens viewer :(

  4. Yeah, I just heard that she grew tired of the GPL purists griping about the lack of available source code for earlier versions. How counterproductive. GPL is not supposed to STOP folks from writing code, so what if she lost some earlier source files, we move on.

  5. The point of the GPL is to ensure that future developers can continue to improve on work you’ve improved on and that the code stays free (as in speech, not as in beer)

    The “purists” are simply enforcing their copyright by requesting that Kirstens viewer patches are made available

    If Kirsten cannot or will not make the source available (usually on sourceforge and for free) then she is in violation of copyright and may not distribute other people’s code without their explicit permission.

  6. If your looking for good OpenSim viewers, I strongle recommend you check out this website called, All the viewers available there have loads of features and are Easy to use. Cheers, Hope this helped someone

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