How Do You Introduce Second Life?


I’m working on the finishing touches to a presentation, introducing Second Life to a class at Columbia University. Some of the students in the course have some really good questions, surrounding the topics of brand identification, and the long term validity of the platform. While I’ve introduced Second Life to groups before, I find myself reinventing the wheel a bit. For others who have introduces Second Life to new groups or friends, what key aspects do you highlight in your presentation or introductions to Second Life? Do you focus on the creative aspects? The social workings? Specific builds and locations?

One thought on “How Do You Introduce Second Life?

  1. Recently I had the opportunity to make two presentations on Second Life to academics. I tried to approach it from the perspective of using the social networking phenomenon, combined with the creative possibilities, to fashion an effective teaching tool for today’s generation of students. I found I had to work hard to convincingly distinguish SL from “just a game”. The 2nd time I made the presentation, I used specific examples from our field to show the difference and demonstrated an actual virtual tool we could use. It was much more effective.

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