Kaaos Enters Second Life – The Kaaos Effect

In The Void - The Kaaos Effect

I had the opportunity to visit MadPea Productions new game, The Kaaos Effect, which is sponsored by Orange. The concept of the game is interesting, something "wrong" happened with the space time continuum and you need to travel throughout time and solve puzzles to help fix it. Paired with a HUD and Armband, you travel randomly through several time periods, discovering clues and pieces of equipment in order to determine what may have gone wrong.

I have to say, I’m really impressed by the game concept and design. Although disorientating at first, you catch on quickly. The game effects (audio and visuals) are seamlessly intertwined, and I experienced little to no lag throughout "cut scenes". Each of the locations of this game are small but they are very rich with content bringing to life an interesting story of a tech trying to gather data to fix a broken computer while your traveling through time.

The story is intriguing, surrounded by small but detailed environments. The puzzles in the game can be really difficult, but the game can be completed within an hour to an hour-thirty minutes. The Kaaos Effect also has an educational component, where your traveling through several historic settings finding clues and learning about the technologies of their time.

There is a lot of attention to details in this game which makes the game a but mundane. In one segment you have to go through the process of developing film, which required reading and a lot of clicking. At the end of the process, you do gain insight into how film is produced. It is this attention to detail matched with an educational component that makes the Kaaos Effect a very interesting and rewarding experience within Second Life. I highly recommend a visit.

The Kaaos Effect can be found on the Orange Island 3 in Second Life.

One thought on “Kaaos Enters Second Life – The Kaaos Effect

  1. Not sure if its broken, but I did not have a similar experience. There seemed to be a few people hanging around madly clicking on things, to no avail.

    I got a nice start up screen, but then nothing. Help was not functioning. Maybe I will bother again some other time :(

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