Can you hear me now? GOOD!

Linden Labs announced plans to beta test voice in Second Life, using technology from both Vivox and DiamondWare. This is already generating some talk about how this effects the music community, but I am not sure this has the sort of impact say adapting ACC streaming technology in Second Life would have. There is a more social implication to allowing a person use their voice to discuss to someone else while using Second Life, but I hope it does not take away from the efforts in translation (see #1, Translator HUD), or communicating between different languages.

While I don’t think the impact of this feature will effect live musicians or DJ’s, (streaming is more reliable, more accessible, you don’t have to deal with proximity factors), I see this feature primarily being used for meetings, meet-ups, business and event sex. I am interested in how this feature would be used for more educational, non-profit, and the spiritual projects that exist in Second Life. A few projects I feel that would be great for this new set of technology would be, learning a foreign languages, educational assistance (for the teen grid), Sunday Mass (yes, it would be kinda cool to see people attempt to have Church in Second Life or some form of service), even meditation, relaxation or spiritual guidance. Some fun projects would be a virtual Jude Judy, or virtual Talk Show, counseling service or even tarot card or psychic hotline service (yes visit the Ms. Cleo sim!). Regardless, I’m interested in how this will effect the client, current saleability and lag issues, but more interested in the projects that will stem from this development.

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