Dear Press, Stop Looking For the Addicts!

Today I had a conversation with a producer of a documentary seeking students who are very involved in new media. For those not in the know, I’m finishing my BS in Computer Science at Empire State College (looking at a June graduation!) After beginning my degree after high school I took a few years off, due to work. The conversation started with several general questions about what I do and my familiarization with Twitter, Facebook and Second Life. These introductory questions are easy to answer; it’s pretty much listing my personal resume surrounding new media. The next question is always an indicator of the direction that journalists and producers are heading towards, and that is my approach new media. I explained that I’m quite active on throughout many different services and in many ways they have become an addiction to my life; Twitter and Facebook have become ways for me to communicate with others, and Second Life has become a source of financial gain. However the conversation took a quick right turn into a neighborhood I’ve been into with so many other members of the press, addiction.

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