Second Life to Align With The Rest of the Internet

Discreet Boutique taken by Allan Lorde (El Negro Magnifico) via Flickr.

Linden Lab’s upcoming change for Adult Content in Second Life is not particularly shocking or new. Years ago there were rumors of an ‘adult’ grid similar to that of the teen grid. There’s always been a struggle in the handling of adult content within Second Life and has been the target of press coverage and politician’s questions. This change for adult content doesn’t surprise or upset me, nor should it surprise or upset anyone else. I believe it’s a move to align with the rest of the Internet and the rules, laws and regulations that exist for everyone else.

When visiting a beer or alcohol website, your asked for your date of birth; when visiting pornographic or nude sites your are warned as the content and type of website that you are about to visit. These are common rules and guidelines, backed by laws handling adult content online. While Second Life is a virtual world, it still exists in an online space that’s regulated by these rules. Segregating adult, mature, and general content is not only a smart move, but better handled by Linden Lab rather than some rating regulation committee (such as the ERSB). I don’t see this as a horrible policy that changes everything, it’s been a long time coming, but some questions arise. Continue reading