Managing your “Alt”

A good friend of mine Heleno Nishi has admitted that she has an alternative avatar/character (or simply alt). I do as well; actually I have several of them. The topic of alts is quite fascinating and can also become a quite tempered discussion. Dusan Writer explores many of the ideas about alts in a recent post (and there is a nice comment as to the con of alts from Prokofy Neva, which seems to sum her feelings about alting) but I feel that we’re really not delving into the real core of alting. Creating an alt is really defining a new role for a person; take a look at the reason to create an alt in World of Warcraft. In WoW, I have several rouges, a warrior, and a ranger, each alt is different, each one does different things, and in the guilds I’m in, each alt performs different roles. Having an alt creates a different role for that person; much in the same way in the non-digital real world we have different roles. Continue reading