Top 10 Second Life’s Hottest Male Avatars

Image from New World Notes, Round 1 Male Contestants

Iris Ophelia on New World Notes asked “Who Are the Hottest Male Avatars in Second Life“.  Usually this is a topic that revoles around the women in Second Life; contents, pageant, and calendars featuring the “hottest” women of Second Life are all too frequent in Second Life.  It’s nice to see the men get a fair shake in the action.  There seems to have been some 100 entries and the first round to determine whom the top 10 are is underway.  My recommendation is to vote often for your favorite male avatars.

Ridebuilder’s Challenge

A good friend In Kenzo sent me information (and a pretty nifty object) about a cool new challenge called the “Ridebuilders Challenge.” This Toyshoppe/AMO Design Challenge in partnership with Car Lovers Community is awarding winnters a shared pot of $L 50k for submitting your best vhehicle. The prize breakdown are:

  • 1st Prize: L$25000, Ridebuilders Cup, Vehicle featured in the Car Lovers community rides and Ridebuilders Winners Circle
  • 2nd Prize: L$10000 and vehicle featured in the Ridebuilders Winners Circle
  • 3rd Prize: L$5000 and vehicle featured in Ridebuilders Winners Circle
  • 4th and 5th prize winners: L$2500

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