Does the Second Life 1.20 RC Break Content?

AH! (World Ending)

I received a message from a good friend of mine last night about the new 1.20 Release Client, and how it breaks scripted content.  The concern is that the 1.20 Release Client interrupts the Combat:Samurai Island (or C:SI) dash system due to the new implementation running; you can now run by using a “double-taping” (which really not a double tap motion as described later.)  I always have my ears perked when a Linden Lab does something different to affect content (such as Havok 4), but I also wanted to accurately report the issue because of my affiliation to Samurai Island. Also, as a content creator, and a scripter, its nice to know what changes.  Last night I tested the new run function to see if it works (and it does) and today, I bought the Musashi Eternal V4.1 (a part of the C:SI combat system) to see if the dash feature is really broken.  I’ve concluded that the new dash feature is NOT broken.

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