Intel Sunflowers

Intel Sunflower Leaderboard

The response to the Intel Sunflower campaign caught me by surprise.  The level of response on the opening day reminds me of same level of response that the Relay For Life has. During the opening event, a two hour period, more than 400 sunflowers were planted (which means Intel will donate $400 to the Conservation International Foundation), and I’m told the final tally of day one was over 500!  Wow!  This is only day 1.  With a future event with Cylindrian Rutabaga on March 20th, and a closing event on April 13th, you can help but to wonder what makes this promotion such a compelling promotion and how can you get Second Life residents to continue to push participation (by the way, go to Intel Island and plant some sunflowers!  You can win a brand new computer!)

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