Means of protection from “content” theft

It seems every so often there is a rise in “content” theft that causes mass hysteria, protests, and issues across Second Life. In this case though, I use the term content very loosely, because a majority of the content threats are really texture ripping and stealing (a practice that has existed in Second Life for some time).

Unlike most other discussions on this topic, I’m not going to ask you to vote on a jira proposal; instead let me lay out what you can do to help protect your content. Texture ripping and other forms of content stealing are going to happen, regardless of what any one person does. I believe that while Linden Lab can add some additional protections for content (such as some sort of watermarking system? Or integrated Creative Commons), I feel that regardless of what they do, someone will always break the system. There are ways, while some costly, are worthwhile and do protect your content. Continue reading