Behind the Digital Looking Glass

This was a fun weekend, I was invited to go to Philadelphia and visit Surreal Farber, a long time friend of mine who dates back to the days of Anarchy Online with me. Meeting Surreal was just that, Surreal on many levels intellectually, personally, and exploring the fine line between the digital and real worlds. Being that I was in the area I had to also meet up with FlipperPA and Jennyfur, whom I had already met in real life and worked with during the Second Life Community Convention. Unlike the SLCC, this meeting was very different as in it was the first time I’ve meet someone outside of my state lines to just meet and hang out.

I did learn a lot about myself, and about these sorts of relationships that one develops in the digital world. Yes, they are real, and yes, they are very tangible, and we very much reflect our personalities, or a slice of them, through our digital persona’s. It is very interesting how in our wishes, wants, and natures through the virtual worlds we participate in, regardless of it is something as open as Second Life or something more traditional as World of Warcraft. Our representation in the virtual world is a reflection if it is just a slice, of who we really are. Through virtual worlds, we get to explore true desires, wants, or experiences, relationships, friendships.

After meeting Surreal, I have a new prospective on those friendships and relationships I’ve developed through my virtual time, especially in a manner that I had not considered. A true friendship and relationship transcends any barriers, lines, or material things, it is a real enjoyment of the others company. In today’s net where many people are looking for the replacement of love or hopes of love, they probably should look for a person they can enjoy, regardless of locale or situation one should be able to enjoy the others company.