Promote your gigs on Koinup

I received an e-mail that formed a light bulb over my head. Pierluigi Casolari (Koinup Burt) sent a message to the MusicDEV list about their new Second Life MUSIC Posters & Flyers Group where artists and event managers could post posters, promoting upcoming events (he also blogged about it). I’m sure this happens on Flickr already, but Koinup is an interesting case, it is the Flickr for Virtual Worlds.

This idea makes sense, there aren’t many avenues for event promotion within Second Life. A popular tactic is to create a poster and send it to everyone in SL. It is also an annoying tactic. Promoting events on a site that is centered around virtual imagery is a pretty cool idea. It may open the door to a new business model (poster creation for virtual worlds).

I’m going to try this for future events, but wonder how successful others are with this method of promotion. Have you seen a benefit of using Koinup (or even Flickr) to promote your event?

Second Life Social Networks

Every since MySpace, social networks have begun to spring up overnight.  Many of them to connect with your friends in different ways.  An interesting trend has been the creation of social networks for MMO’s and Virtual Worlds.  Many people have fallen in love with Facebook, it is a cleaner, more personalized way to communicate with others through a Social Network platform (even though there are major privacy concerns.)  There is a strong Second Life community on Facebook but it has a policy for closing profiles of people who are not real identities.  While Facebook and MySpace are great ways to communicate with your virtual friends, there are other virtual world social networks that all attempt to connect people through virtual means.  Here’s a list of a few with pro’s and con’s for each one.

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