Scion City To Close on January 31st


The Nexeus Fatale loft at Scion City


The residents of Scion City were informed that the city will be closing at the end of January. Scion City, built by Millions of Us, is a beautifully designed series of urban sims centered around the Scion brand. Since its conception it became a small community that brought together residents, a major corporation, and Second Life through giving loft spaces to active Second Life residents (such as yours truely.) The project attached several interesting components together, including a sci-fi machinima series SAND that took place in the future  Scion City where archeologists were trying to find the city.

I’ve always felt Scion City was one of those great projects that a group of community members backed. It’s interesting to see how a brand can extend into an idea. Scion City is open until January 31st and I recommend residents visit the area before it disappears into the digital void.

Scion City (update)

Nexeus Fatale Loft @ Scion City
Some time ago, Millions of Us offered me a loft on the Scion City sim, the same location where I performed their opening party. After being very undecided about the space, I decided to turn the space into my own loft. Rather than make it a store front, I wanted to make it a place where I could hang out, thrown some parties and have fun decorating. A few months later, everything is completely finished, the Nexeus Fatale Loft in Scion City is complete and I’m planning on doing an event on the sim soontm. But that’s not the only interesting Scion City news. Continue reading

Electrolux Innovation Grant Program

Sometime last night I got a message from Celebrity over at Millions of Us about the Electrolux Innovation Grant Program. This is a great way for a big real world company to enter into Second Life rather than open a sim, sponsor a grant for community driven projects in Second Life. The Electrolux Innovation Grant Program is a the grant is a 100,000 $L grant (roughly $375 USD), paid in three stages, and the Innovation will be owned by the creator (which is nice). Below are the grant details, good luck to all who participate!

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