The MMO Addiction and You

I saw this video (thanks to Krystalle Voecks at Massively) and began to think about MMO addictions. I have gone out to social gatherings where the topic of discussion was what happened last night in an MMO, or discussions about the complexities or social dramas. While inherently it isn’t a bad thing, it makes you wonder how much people can be addicted to MMO’s, and the frame of reference for MMO addiction. This sort of conversation has been had with video games and television. There are people who would talk about, intimately, their favorite television show (find a really huge fan of Lost to see what I mean). I’ve always contended that it’s not the game that’s addictive; it is the person’s personality and their prospective. I feel that is a person has an addictive personality; they are going to find something to get addicted to. As for a person’s prospective that is a very different conversation.

We all have some sort of minor tech addiction, such as MySpace (I don’t need to say more), E-mail, and posting pictures on Flickr. Some of these activities in the public eye seem very healthy, through MySpace and E-mail and Flickr you’re communicating with real people. The same is true for an MMO, you are communicating with real people (which in many cases drives the MMO addiction.) Additionally some people are addicted to MMO’s because they are hiding, escaping from really rough times (such as a death, hardships at the job, bad luck, depression.) As humans we tend to have a need to be very social (no man is an island) and happy; MMO’s provide a really easy way to do both. I don’t very an addiction to MMO’s as inherently bad; it becomes bad based on the person’s prospective and approach. Continue reading