Linden Lab purchased XStreet SL and OnRez

Linden Lab has announced their purchase of the two web based merchange systems XStreet SL and OnRez. Their plan is to incorporate these services directly into Second Life. This is a smart move on Linden Lab’s part; by incorporating these service merchants are able to streamline their items, and goods through one platform. When Linden Lab created LindeX, the currency exchange service, it tied the purchasing and selling of currency to user accounts making it more accessible and easier to transfer currency throughout the platform. I feel the XStreet SL and OnRez acquisitions will provide a similar ease of use, a more robust classifieds system and an easier method for searching for virtual goods within Second Life. Continue reading

Moving to OnRez (and why)

This week I’ve closed my store on SL Exchange and have moved solely to OnRez. There are many factors in doing this; one of them is not my working relationship with the Electric Sheep Company. Since the launch of OnRez I have played with the solution for some time, while it does lack some features, it does provide an easier, flexible solution for selling products within and outside of Second Life. Continue reading