Connecting With the Second Life Community via Plurk

plurk creature

The Second Life community is spread throughout many social media services. Regardless of the platform you’ll find residents communicating with one another outside of the grid. Plurk has become one of the many interesting social networks that has drawn a lot of attention from Second Life residents.

Plurk is a timeline based micro-blogging service that allows threaded conversations. Think of Jaiku, but horizontal. In some aspects Plurk acts like a forum, the ability to respond and discuss topics leads to some very interesting conversations. The downfall is that responses are limited to 140 characters. Unlike some other micro-blogging services, Plurk easily integrates YouTube and Flickr into updates, making it more enticing to the Second Life user. There’s also an ability to format links and to send messages to a group of people privately or publically.

If you are on Plurk, but would like to interact with other residents, Moggs Oceanlane has compiled a list of Second Life Plurkers, one which many keep on adding to. For those unfamiliar or new to Plurk, there are several resources that introduce and discuss many of Plurk’s features, here are a few I like:

You can also fan or friend me and Plurk and join in the Karma fun!