And the winner’s are…

On Friday, the winners to the resident choice awards were announced; congratulations to those who won in their respective categories.

While some controversy surrounded the award (much like EVERY SINGLE Second Life award) its the most effectively ran award available, mainly because Linden Lab was the organizer. Unlike others, Linden Lab was able to make sure every resident knew about it, was able to tap into their large marketing pipes to the Second Life community, had mechanisms to prevent cheating and had an incentive for voting. Winning the Resident Choice Award provides a huge deal of marketing within Second Life and to the outside world. The Resident Choice Awards is no different than the Emmy’s, Oscars, Golden Globes, and Viewer Choice Awards; to an extent they are all popularity contests, not everyone is going to agree on a winner, and there’s always going to be fallout.

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Second Life Residents Vote Their Favorite Choices


Every year a Second Life magazine, website or blog would announce some sort of “Best Of” award. This is usually followed with criticism about the categories, the selection process, and the promotion. A great example was last years Vain Inc. Reader Choice Awards.

This week, Linden Lab takes a stab at the award selection process with their own Resident Choice Awards that has categories for locations, people and things. While some complain about missing categories, I like their selection and the category names! Missing categories (such as a category for both men and women clothing, specific clothing items) are made up by categories like “My favorite depressing place to Be Emo” or “My favorite nom-nom-y Prim Food Artist”. If you consider the amount of promotion Linden Lab is taking with this award (on the blog, website, and through the Message of the Day), the winners are bound to gain just as much recognition from winning the awards. I recommend voting for your favorite Second Life place, person or thing and remember to vote for Nexeus Fatale under “My favorite house-rockin’ DJ” (what, you didn’t think I wasn’t going to try and promote myself!)