SLCC 2009 is ready for liftoff!

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The Second Life Community Convention is ready for it’s 5th year. This year’s SLCC is going to be in San Francisco on August 13th to August 16th, 2009 at the Westin St. Francis Hotel! Registration opened last week with content prices starting at $135 for the first 200 registrants (lower than any year’s registration) and hotel room rates starting at $159 with free wi-fi in each guest room! To register for this year’s SLCC visit the SLCC Registration Page.

On the organization side (I am a convention organizer) things are becoming very exciting, with a lot of news coming in the next few days. For those interested in sponsoring visit the sponsorship page and for those interested in volunteering check out the volunteering page. Also keep up to date on the latest convention news through the SLCC Discussion Google Group and the SLCC Twitter Account. I’m really excited to see what is going to evolve in in San Fran for this year!

For additional, up to date information about the convention, visit

SLCC 2008 Afterthoughts

Thursday Night Group Picture

“Wow” really explains my feelings after an SLCC. Planning for this year’s SLCC has been one of the most difficult things I’ve done, however worth every moment and turned out to be a success. It’s hard for me to say what the convention means and the sort of experience that is shared, I have come away with one thought and that SLCC is very important. Possibly more than I thought of previously. In conversations with several first timers, they express the same joy and excitement I have in organizing the convention. They are excited, eager to participate in discussions, and reconnect with others after spending so much time, working, discussing, and interacting together online, a feeling that also resonates with organizers, volunteers and SLCC veterans.

This year’s Second Life Community Convention was great! I wanted to recap the convention but I could not keep enough notes to detail everything that went on. There are many highlights that play throughout my mind, names of people whom cards I have scattered in my luggage (which needs to get unpacked), pictures that need to be Flickred and posted that would cause this post to run several pages. I would inadvertently forget a name, an experience and the post will come crashing down. The one I will note is that I did finally get some rest (for those of you whom worried!); throughout this weekend, I think I have operated on roughly 8 hours sleep. This was due to many late evenings participating in discussions and events with others, enjoying the company only to have to wake up near 7 to work on the convention is something that I’ve gotten accustomed to with the SLCC. It shocked me that I could perform on two hours of sleep but that in of itself is horribly destructive (read: children do not do this at home!)

There are many interesting highlights and developments concerning SLCC 2008, many things that will change in the upcoming year, and many things that will be better and grow. This experience shows me there is a need to connect with each other and that must continue to happen because it is rich, rewarding and educational. In conversation it was mentioned that the SLCC is a “user” convention and wondered about the benefits of having such a thing. While he was correct, the SLCC is created by Second Life residents (or users) whom volunteer time to organize, plan and develop a plethora of content, the user is much more diverse than any other platform. There are many discussions, sights and items placed on display for the first time at the SLCC’s. I remember after San Francisco (2006) I expressed concern among other organizers that SLCC’s would become an uncontrollable trade-show environment where launches would dominate and would not properly represent the community. What I forgot and continually reminded is Second Life and its “users” are not all made from the same mold. Residents are entrepreneurs, educators, artists, musicians, and in all honesty unlike those of many other software platforms available. This develops a rich connection between “users”, the introduction of new releases and the structure of Second Life; the SLCC becomes many conventions in one. The magic is once a year it happens in one space at once.

SLCC is important and I always enjoy my time there and come away with many interesting memories, connections and thoughts. It’s a rich bond that connects people virtually, reality, and as a whole making it a worthwhile experience.

I can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

Second Life Community Convention ’08

Randal Moss posted, earlier today, the location of the upcoming Second Life Community Convention on the current SLCC website. This year it’s going to take place the weekend of September 4th, 2007 at the Tampa Marriott Waterside (read there for a full explanation). Right now there are several things in the works and should be announced soon (such as sponsorship packages, exact registration and room pricing, just to name a few.) Check the website (over at for upcoming information!

Second Marriage

Engagement at SLCC 2007 KISS

Many people get engaged at a place where the memory will last throughout their marriage, a favorite place, a special event, a surprise dinner, something that would make the engagement special. When dealing with two people who have met through Second Life, there are so many special moments that even the day two people meet face to face is a special important moment. But this is not uncommon for those who meet other people online. Let me introduce to you Chelle and Joe. Chelle is a beautiful, fun woman (who I did spend quite a bit of time flirting playfully with, sorry Joe!), a DJ in Second Life, and was a team leader for the Relay for Life. Her boyfriend, Joe, she met in Second Life. Joe is a secure, friendly, honest guy who wants to stand by his woman (cue song!) and really wanted to make the proposal even more special (or specialer if that is a word!).
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Second Life Community Convention 2007 Afterthoughts

I’ve returned from Chicago and somewhat conscious from the awesome SLCC in Chicago this year! I have never had this much fun and excitement organizing, performing, hosting, and enjoying a convention such as this one! The SLCC is a labor of love and community for me, and I’ve been very happy to be a part of the process in making it a reality. While the conference is young it is growing and feedback is HIGHLY recommended, Randal Moss has created a post where you can provide feedback about the convention, your own thoughts, and even suggestions!

There were so many great moments from this year’s convention, from the opening remarks of Phillip Linden being honest and apologizing to the community for the troubles that were abound, to the announcement of the Open Source winners in the Social Track, to the discussion about Sex in Virtual Worlds, to the premiere of new machinima, to a great, freaky and fun masquerade, to a kick ass volunteer party and open bar in Kitty O’Sheas! This was a great convention and a great time to meet new and interesting people!

I wish I could say each moment that took me by surprise, but I can’t pick just one, so much was going on it was almost impossible to keep up with it. There were people who’ve I’ve met in Second Life and not in person until the SLCC (and vice versa). I will say that a lot of friendships has been renewed and formed and there will be plenty more to come. I would highly encourage people to share their memories on Flickr through the Second Life Community Convention group by posting your pictures and commenting on the already posted pictures. Now to get ready for 2008!

Afterthoughts of the SLCC

This years Second Life Community Convention was not only a roaring success, but a great event. The growth of the SLCC from 2005 to 2006, in a time span under 9 months was not only amazing, but reflects the growth of SLCC itself. Since the last Second Life Community Convention, the population has not only grown at a rapid rate, but it has also has brought in a slew of personalities and interests into the digital world, including those of major real world corporations.

As an organizer, the Second Life Community Convention, was more about being able to bring all of the aspects of the community and represent, meet, and discuss it in the context of Second Life. This task I feel was done properly, an in a manner that was able to reflect the various aspects of the growing world from its music to its business opportunities to the educational and art that is occurring within Second Life.Most importantly, the SLCC was more about mingling and meeting these other personalities in the community, gathering amongst like minds, and seeing each other in the flesh one-on-one. I wish there was more time to hang out with every single person and ask more questions about what each person was doing or their experiences in Second Life. A part of this feeling is probably due to the fact that I was running around and being focused to the needs of the convention at that time (MCing, DJing, or other technical necessities.) I also really liked the breakaway sessions and feel that next year there should be more of those, along with more scheduled outings (boy do we SLCCers love to socialize) As Second Life continues to grow, I feel that this human element must be kept in as it is important to meet as many persons of the community.

Overall, this was a very good conference, and there are a lot of people who I wish to thank. First and foremost the sponsors, Linden Lab (insert promo list here), the speakers and presenters (insert presenter and speaker list here) and the volunteers (insert speaker list here).

There are many fond memories of this years SLCC, ones I wish to continue to share with others, I’m sure in the upcoming years there will be many more memories.