Second Skin Film Review

On Thursday, September 25, 2008, I saw Second Skin at a screening at The Calhoun School in New York City and was quite impressed. Second Skin is an honest and real look into the lives individuals whom are actively engaged in MMORPG’s, i.e. ‘Gamers’. The film, however, is not an all inclusive look of those in virtual spaces focusing heavily on gamers especially those involved with World of Warcraft, and Everquest. There are brief mentions of non-MMOG platforms such as Second Life, but not the core of the film. In reality Second Skin is a starting point in the discussion of MMOG’s by exploring the many aspects of gamers and their involvement in these worlds.

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2nd Second Skin NYC Screening, Sept. 25th, 2008

After missing the first Second Skin screening in New York City (and all previous screenings), I was delighted to find out there’s another screening this week!  The next Second Skin screening in NYC happens on September 25th, 2008 through the Calhoun School, in the Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center, 433 West End Ave. at 81st St.  You can sign up for tickets through the Calhoun School ($10 for general admission/$5 for students).

I’m really excited to be attending this screening and shortly afterwards will have a full review of the film (I’ll try not to be too biased.)

Second Skin – A Documentary About People Whose Lives Have Been Transformed by Virtual Worlds


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Every so often I’ve mentioned that I’m in an upcoming documentary titled “Second Skin.” Throughout this process I’ve become really great friends with the makers of the film, Pure West Documentaries. Over the past two years, I’ve helped feed them information about Second Life, World of Warcraft, and other MMOG’s and Virtual Worlds. I’ve slept in their apartment, met their girlfriends (now fiancés), helped them move, have had drinks with them, karaoke’s and talked to them about the film without ever being shown a clip.

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MMO World populations and predictions

I was reading the blog of my good friends at Pure West Documentaries about Guild Wars reaching the population of 3 million, and soon after at 3pointD there was news about one of the companies within Eve Online beginning to sell shares to players. I begun to wonder what is next. With these virtual worlds all allowing different reenactments of things you can do offline, such as retaining your intellectual property, buying shares in companies, bartering and using microeconomic systems to influence the world around you, what is next for these worlds to accomplish? Are there going to be major NFL, NBA franchises for each game? (Imagine the thought of the World of Warcraft Orcs going against the Second Life Prims at the 2196 NBA Finals). If you look at some of the major MMO’s populations; Second Life at 2 million (about the size of Houston, TX); Guild Wars at 3 million (slightly bigger than Chicago, IL); World of Warcraft = 7 million (slightly smaller than New York City, NY), this idea of the Internet becoming a series of metaverses that you can easily communicate, travel and participate in from one to another is slowly becoming a reality. All of this thinking has lead me to begin to make my predictions of the upcoming year.

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