Afterthoughts of the SLCC

This years Second Life Community Convention was not only a roaring success, but a great event. The growth of the SLCC from 2005 to 2006, in a time span under 9 months was not only amazing, but reflects the growth of SLCC itself. Since the last Second Life Community Convention, the population has not only grown at a rapid rate, but it has also has brought in a slew of personalities and interests into the digital world, including those of major real world corporations.

As an organizer, the Second Life Community Convention, was more about being able to bring all of the aspects of the community and represent, meet, and discuss it in the context of Second Life. This task I feel was done properly, an in a manner that was able to reflect the various aspects of the growing world from its music to its business opportunities to the educational and art that is occurring within Second Life.Most importantly, the SLCC was more about mingling and meeting these other personalities in the community, gathering amongst like minds, and seeing each other in the flesh one-on-one. I wish there was more time to hang out with every single person and ask more questions about what each person was doing or their experiences in Second Life. A part of this feeling is probably due to the fact that I was running around and being focused to the needs of the convention at that time (MCing, DJing, or other technical necessities.) I also really liked the breakaway sessions and feel that next year there should be more of those, along with more scheduled outings (boy do we SLCCers love to socialize) As Second Life continues to grow, I feel that this human element must be kept in as it is important to meet as many persons of the community.

Overall, this was a very good conference, and there are a lot of people who I wish to thank. First and foremost the sponsors, Linden Lab (insert promo list here), the speakers and presenters (insert presenter and speaker list here) and the volunteers (insert speaker list here).

There are many fond memories of this years SLCC, ones I wish to continue to share with others, I’m sure in the upcoming years there will be many more memories.