IP Rights Are Worth Protecting Campaign


Stroker Serpentine (a really good friend), Nyte Caligary (another good friend!), Sachi Vixen, Tigerlily Koi, among others have begun a campaign (as posted on the Second Life Herald) to make the public more aware of content theft in Second Life.  While I’m usually on the fence about content theft in Second Life (reasons stated below), I applaud this resident based campaign.  We can only rely on Linden Lab for but so much, mainly because they are limited in their resources.  Starting a campaign like this is a great way for residents to not only express their frustration (Stroker has been the target of a major content thievery) but to encourage reporting those who may be participating in content or IP (intellectual property) theft.  I AM surprised that there isn’t a flickr, website, or standard web banners to display on blogs or to easily use for posts (the above image was taken from the Second Life Herald article). Not having these things lead to a somewhat limited visibility, but there is still time to create such things!  While I applaud such a campaign, I do have a major fear concerning it. Continue reading